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If your idea of a tenor’s website is something moody, stuffed with photos of a swarthy bloke looking hunky in a dinner jacket, bow tie undone, dripping with hair gel and stubble, then you’ve come to the wrong place. Move along. Swiftly. Likewise you won’t catch me standing on a windswept moor or empty beach, staring into the middle distance in an attempt to project melancholy and intelligence. Nor will you find me wearing a French horn as a hat to convey jollity.

This site has some information about my singing, including news and media clips. But it is also filled with writing and other oddities. It hosts my blog Saddo Abroad. Thank you for visiting, no matter how briefly.

Please also visit Wild Plum Arts for information about a new foundation to support living composers.

Contact: mail@christophergillett.co.uk