Sex pests

For Das Theater Magazin. A video in which I hunt through my opera scores for bad people.

La Rantiava

A new venture! The publishers of Opernwelt have started a website, Das Theater Magazin, and have lured me onboard to do various things. First thing is a vlog. Yes, a vlog. So, it’s in English and I filmed it at home, and they left it deliberately uncut. Don’t look at the laundry basket to

Sweeney Tart

  I’m in Brussels for two months, singing in Sweeney Todd for La Monnaie. I was supposed to be singing in Mark Grey’s new opera Frankenstein, but renovations at the opera house have overrun (who could possibly have predicted that?) and the elaborate set for Frankenstein wouldn’t fit into La Monnaie’s temporary home, a semi-rigid