A beloved British institution is under threat, a place that has served us for many years, a place revered by many of my generation and, more particularly, the generation above mine. It’s about time I spoke out about it.
It has struggled now for many years, running at a massive loss, desperately trying to woo a younger crowd too easily tempted to go elsewhere. Perhaps it’s this pursuit of youth and their appetite for a flashier style that has put off the older patrons, losing the love of its core patronage. Or perhaps, in straitened times, people in general have simply looked for alternatives and gone elsewhere. Who can say?
But now thousands of jobs are at stake. An entire workforce, many of whom have given years and years of service for very modest pay, could be out on the streets.
Many point the finger, blaming poor management by well-paid managers. Certainly, there has been something of a revolving door at the executive level and there are many questions to be answered. Was it driven into the ground by the previous administration? Did they jump from a sinking ship? Do the people in charge have the necessary experience, commitment and acumen to keep it from folding?
It looks like they may not. And if not, the doors will be closed and it will all end. A place that has held a special place in the nation’s heart for decades will cease to be.
Yes, BHS, or British Home Stores as I shall always know it, is in serious danger and something must be done.
So, this is a call to arms. Please, please, go now and stock up on polyester shirts, acrylic shoes and LED chandeliers before it’s too late. Or one day this great institution will be nothing but a memory.
Thank you.

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